More Halloween Blocks

So I made the little bat from Ellis & Higgs Creepy Critters Blocks, and he is awfully cute!bat


And since I was doing so well, I decided to go for the spider.  Probably should have quit while I was ahead.  Spiders are hard!  Rather than use the instructions on the pattern, which called for squares with diagonal stripes, I decided to make everything with half square triangles.  I was afraid that my diagonal stripes wouldn’t line up.  Well, as it turns out, neither did my HSTs and it was probably about ten times more sewing, cutting and ironing!  Oh well!  Cute in the end, but far from perfect.


At first everything lines up nicely, but once it is sewn together…not so much!

And here she is, all done:

spiderWhen I laid out the four blocks, I realized that the bat block was much shorter than the others, so I made a pair of creepy eyes to add to it:

eyesThese came from a tutorial from Happy Sew Lucky, called the Eyeballs Quilt Block Tutorial.  I haven’t decided if these will get sashing, or how they will be layed out yet.  But the goal is to get it done by Halloween, which gives me two more days!




Some Halloween Sewing

I DO NOT decorate for any holiday.  Never really have.  And I certainly have never done any sewing for a holiday.  But, having finished the top and back of the Meh quilt, I wanted to do something small and fun.  I came across the Creepy Critters blocks from Nadra at Ellis & Higgs and decided to make the ghost out of scraps.  It was so cute that I decided to do another: the pumpkin.  And now, I keep thinking about the bat…

Some pics:     My cute ghostghost

Pumpkin with the top of his head sewn on upside down, and then pumpkin after emergency surgery:

Pumpkin all done: pumpkin

Of course, none of my blocks follow the patterns exactly- mostly by accident, but I LOVE how they came out.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with them…



So a new quilt top is finished, and I have to say I’m feeling “meh” about it.  No major mistakes (unless you count two of the same fabric next to each other in a few places, but I don’t), no ugly colors, nice pattern, nothing to write (or blog) about.  And maybe that’s the problem: this one just didn’t have anything that stood out in any way.

The pattern is the Star Bright Quilt by Deborah Jacobs for the Moda Bakeshop.  It works with a jelly roll and a basic log cabin block and I only made minor variations:  I used her second layout suggestion instead of the featured one.  My jelly roll did not have “light fabrics” so I mixed all my fabrics together and thus do not have the light center star.  Perhaps it was that center star that made me like the pattern in the first place.

mehquilt1And finally, to give it a little more dimension, instead of using a single solid or low volume background color, I used a variety of off -whites, ranging from grey to beige.

image (95)I’ve started working on some ideas for the back, and will use some left over jelly roll strips and some of the background “whites” for the binding.  This one might wind up getting an attempt at some interesting quilting, because really I’m not sure what else to do with it!

Pictures of the completed top in the next post!


Ready for School

In honor of my kids going back to school (YAY!!!!), I threw together this cute little pencil block from scraps.


It is based off a pattern from Accuquilt called Pencil Me In.  They made it in six colors as a wall hanging.  Of course, all the instructions call for using the GO! Qube cutting machine, which I don’t have, but it was easy enough to figure out what sizes to cut the fabric.  My block of two pencils finished at 12.5 inches.

Not sure what I’ll do with the block yet, so for now it will sit in a pile of unused blocks.  Would make a cute start for a gift for a teacher!



Yay!  So excited that my Modern Block of the Month quilt is all done!  Of course, it did not go off without a hitch or two.

image (91)

I decided to just quilt the sashing with an all-over meandering stitch, which was fun to do.  Sometimes I got bored and added little hearts or flowers into an otherwise random design.  I again used the sulky thread, this time in silver (1327 dark whisper grey), which blended beautifully with the Kona Silver I was using.  My first problem was a relatively minor one: the beautiful Tula Pink Freefall backing snags pretty easily on the feed dogs of my machine.  Perhaps it is because it has more of a sateen feel to it?  After dropping the feed dogs it didn’t become an issue again until I needed to sew the binding.









For the binding, I chose a medium grey dotted fabric that had some of the lighter silver mixed in.  I had about half a yard left and it proved to be just enough.  Once again, I machine stitched the binding on both sides.  Not as pretty as hand-stitched, but I have so little patience when I am at the end of a quilt.


My two bigger hitches were two popped seams I found in the middle of the quilt when I was picking off threads.  Not sure how this happens when I am using larger than 1/4 inch seams!  Both were sewn up with a zig zag stitch, which unfortunately is somewhat noticeable.  I don’t really see any other way to fix these at the end after the quilting has already been done.  The only other option seems to be fabric glue, and I’m just always concerned that it won’t hold up.  If anyone has ideas for the next time (and there will be a next time!) please send them my way!

Finally finished, wrapped in tissue paper, and packed up in a box for one of my best friends who has no idea it is coming!  Can’t wait to mail it!


BOM Quilt Top Finish!

image (79)In between loads of laundry this week (three kids home from sleep-away camp!), I managed to add the sashing to the Modern Block of the Month Quilt.  It is now a finished quilt top- YAY!!!!  I’m still in love with the Kona silver color.  And the Tula Pink Freefall in battleship grey really is the perfect backing.  But watch out for shrinkage (at least I hope that is what the problem is).  The two yards I ordered wound up being only 67 inches after washing.  I hadn’t thought to measure it before hand.  Luckily, it was still more than enough, since this is a smaller quilt.  image (80)

I’m about half way through basting the quilt, and then I have to figure out how to quilt it. That part always makes me nervous! image (78)

(No) Golden Shadows Finish

Sometimes quilts take on a life of their own.  (No) Golden Shadows started as a square shadow quilt or throw pillow (I hadn’t yet made up my mind).  When the shadows failed to show up at the appropriate spots, I just kind of winged it.  There are no shadows to be seen in this quilt, which wound up with two-layered quilting in red and turquoise and an improvisational  block style.  At 36 x 68 inches, it is also an unusual shape for a quilt.  Perhaps a table runner?

image (76)


I did find a beautiful rust colored fabric for the binding, which was machine stitched down.  I also learned that you shouldn’t trim the batting all the way down to the quilt top, but rather should leave a good 1/4 inch.  This will help with any misplaced binding stitches and will “puff up” the binding a little.

image (77)photo (99)








Now that this is finished, it is time to turn my attention back to the BOM quilt.