Some Halloween Sewing

I DO NOT decorate for any holiday.  Never really have.  And I certainly have never done any sewing for a holiday.  But, having finished the top and back of the Meh quilt, I wanted to do something small and fun.  I came across the Creepy Critters blocks from Nadra at Ellis & Higgs and decided to make the ghost out of scraps.  It was so cute that I decided to do another: the pumpkin.  And now, I keep thinking about the bat…

Some pics:     My cute ghostghost

Pumpkin with the top of his head sewn on upside down, and then pumpkin after emergency surgery:

Pumpkin all done: pumpkin

Of course, none of my blocks follow the patterns exactly- mostly by accident, but I LOVE how they came out.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with them…