Yay!  So excited that my Modern Block of the Month quilt is all done!  Of course, it did not go off without a hitch or two.

image (91)

I decided to just quilt the sashing with an all-over meandering stitch, which was fun to do.  Sometimes I got bored and added little hearts or flowers into an otherwise random design.  I again used the sulky thread, this time in silver (1327 dark whisper grey), which blended beautifully with the Kona Silver I was using.  My first problem was a relatively minor one: the beautiful Tula Pink Freefall backing snags pretty easily on the feed dogs of my machine.  Perhaps it is because it has more of a sateen feel to it?  After dropping the feed dogs it didn’t become an issue again until I needed to sew the binding.









For the binding, I chose a medium grey dotted fabric that had some of the lighter silver mixed in.  I had about half a yard left and it proved to be just enough.  Once again, I machine stitched the binding on both sides.  Not as pretty as hand-stitched, but I have so little patience when I am at the end of a quilt.


My two bigger hitches were two popped seams I found in the middle of the quilt when I was picking off threads.  Not sure how this happens when I am using larger than 1/4 inch seams!  Both were sewn up with a zig zag stitch, which unfortunately is somewhat noticeable.  I don’t really see any other way to fix these at the end after the quilting has already been done.  The only other option seems to be fabric glue, and I’m just always concerned that it won’t hold up.  If anyone has ideas for the next time (and there will be a next time!) please send them my way!

Finally finished, wrapped in tissue paper, and packed up in a box for one of my best friends who has no idea it is coming!  Can’t wait to mail it!



BOM Quilt Top Finish!

image (79)In between loads of laundry this week (three kids home from sleep-away camp!), I managed to add the sashing to the Modern Block of the Month Quilt.  It is now a finished quilt top- YAY!!!!  I’m still in love with the Kona silver color.  And the Tula Pink Freefall in battleship grey really is the perfect backing.  But watch out for shrinkage (at least I hope that is what the problem is).  The two yards I ordered wound up being only 67 inches after washing.  I hadn’t thought to measure it before hand.  Luckily, it was still more than enough, since this is a smaller quilt.  image (80)

I’m about half way through basting the quilt, and then I have to figure out how to quilt it. That part always makes me nervous! image (78)

Finished Fair Isle

image (54)Well, the mini Fair Isle is finally bound, and yes, I did finish it up by hand.  A one hour wait at the doctor’s office on Tuesday and then two hours for an oil change today allowed me to finish.  (It seems I get the most sewing done at the car dealer- something to think about).  Very far from perfect, but I think it was a decent salvage of a quilt that went horribly wrong. The quilt was backed with a mint green plus sign pattern, bound with scraps from the front and quilted with parallel straight lines at every 1/3 inch.

Some pics:

Now I have moved on to quilting the (No) Golden Shadows quilt.  It will be overlapping ovals in straight lines.  Turquoise and then a dark reddish brown.  Each row is taking about two hours and I figure there will be about 35 rows in all.  Luckily, I am finding this monotony very relaxing!  Here is a picture of the turquoise.  The red will overlap in the middle of the two rows.

photo (86)And finally, I have started sewing a memory quilt for my son’s best friend.  So far it looks amazing!  This one will get a blog post all it’s own!


Almost done…

I had wanted a finish for Finish Up (From Here) Friday, but not sure if it will happen.  Just as quickly as Diego the dog moved out, Remy the dog moved in.  We’ve now had at least 5 chihuahua mixes as fosters, and I have to say, I’m ready for a dog that you can’t step on. Bring on the St. Bernards, please!  Remy likes to try to walk on my legs while I’m sewing.

photo (82)

As for the baby quilt, I decided not to use any batting since the baby is due in early fall in Florida, and just backed it in a light grey flannel.  I stitched outlines into all of the flowered parts of the blocks and then added stippling to the entire black and white section.  Somewhere in there the machine ran into some tension problems which didn’t work themselves out till the end.  It would look odd, but you can’t really see the quilting since it is white thread on a mostly white background, so I decided to just leave it alone and not risk making things worse.

For the binding, I used the leftover floral scraps, some tiny black on white polka dot scraps from another quilt and an extra fat quarter of the blue floral I had used.  I tried to line it up so that the black and white binding was on the floral part of the quilt and the floral binding was on the black and white part of the quilt, and that mostly worked out.  I stitched the binding down yesterday and was going to start the hand stitching today.  And then I decided not to.  I slowed down the speed settings on the machine and began to machine stitch it down.  After the first few inches, I realized that I didn’t even need pins to hold it in place (though I did order some Clover Clips that haven’t arrived yet).  Why did I ever hand stitch anything?  It’s been about twenty minutes and I’m more than halfway done.  And it is so much neater than my hand stitching.  If it’s not done today, then definitely over the weekend!


Shhhh! I’m sewing…

Finally, all is quiet.  One foster dog taking a nap.


One little boy with the flu, taking a nap.


(I swear he’s in there somewhere!)

And since I’m stuck at home with the little boy with the flu, I can sneak some sewing in… until someone wakes up!  Time to finish up the quilt back for my dad and step-mom!


Definitely need to find a better way to photograph these quilts!  Laying them across the couch just doesn’t seem to do it anymore.  Perhaps in the new house (should they ever decide to break ground), I’ll get some sort of stand.   Oh well.

Still trying to figure out how to quilt the front so that the white and gold no longer look like cigarettes! Open to any suggestions that only involve straight lines…



Red, White and Blues Finish

Three finishes in three weeks- can it be true?  Yes indeed.  We’ll just gloss over the fact that all three quilts were six months in the making and that those three weeks happened to be three weeks of vacation!


So here it is, the Red, White and Blues Quilt:


Not my typical style, not my typical color choices.  These were made with the first batch of squares from the Online Fabric Store.  I’ve featured the front and the back before, so really the only “finish” is the quilting and the binding, which came out incredibly well.  The quilting is very light, just some hand stitched stars in the center of each square.


For the binding, I had wanted a darker blue but didn’t have one in the stash and wound up loving how the lighter shade looks anyway.  This continuous binding practice seems to be helping.  Last week I had said that the binding on my Aunt Lori’s quilt was the best I had ever done, but this one came out even better!


Since I considered this one a practice quilt, I didn’t worry so much about where the quilt was uneven in places.  Instead, I just stitched on an extra piece of binding fabric and fabric glued down the sides (Sssshh!  Don’t tell!)  So I just dumped it in the washing machine to make sure everything stays in place.  Once it is all dry, this one is being donated, hopefully to a local chapter of the Jewish War Veterans, who can give it to someone that will use it.  My quilting is not yet of the quality that it could go to Quilts of Valor- maybe someday.

Two days left of vacation.  No chance for another real finish next Friday, but perhaps a quilt top…?


The Wormhole Quilt

I’ve mentioned this quilt before, but was waiting till I finished to show off my best quilt yet:

The Wormhole Quilt


This one is for my brother, David, and his cat, Lukin.  For some reason, I have no pictures of my brother, but here is Lukin: lukin

David wanted black, to match his personality, but just to piss him off, I added lots of seriously bright tropical batiks!  Turns out he really liked it (well, at least he says he does) and also really liked a “mistake”.  I used two different blacks and they are mixed throughout the quilt, but if you are looking for it, you can tell.  He loved the extra dimension that it added to it and said the quilt was like looking through a wormhole, and so it was named!


For the back, I used more black and batiks in the Simply Woven pattern, which I didn’t find simple at all!  On the upside, because it is so busy, it is VERY forgiving, of both seams that don’t come close to lining up and quilting that was designed to go with the front, but not so much with the back.quiltdavid10

Said quilting is just a straight line a quarter inch in from every seam on both sides.  Gives it a very professional look when done well, but here it serves to point out every place that my seams didn’t line up.  As I mentioned in the last post, lesson learned: need to think about what the quilting will point out in the quilt. It might be time for me to invest in a free motion presser foot so that I no longer have to stick to straight lines!


Binding was done with some more bright batiks.


And one more lesson learned: black is a lint magnet!!!!  Have fun Lukin!