Finished Fair Isle

image (54)Well, the mini Fair Isle is finally bound, and yes, I did finish it up by hand.  A one hour wait at the doctor’s office on Tuesday and then two hours for an oil change today allowed me to finish.  (It seems I get the most sewing done at the car dealer- something to think about).  Very far from perfect, but I think it was a decent salvage of a quilt that went horribly wrong. The quilt was backed with a mint green plus sign pattern, bound with scraps from the front and quilted with parallel straight lines at every 1/3 inch.

Some pics:

Now I have moved on to quilting the (No) Golden Shadows quilt.  It will be overlapping ovals in straight lines.  Turquoise and then a dark reddish brown.  Each row is taking about two hours and I figure there will be about 35 rows in all.  Luckily, I am finding this monotony very relaxing!  Here is a picture of the turquoise.  The red will overlap in the middle of the two rows.

photo (86)And finally, I have started sewing a memory quilt for my son’s best friend.  So far it looks amazing!  This one will get a blog post all it’s own!


Quilts of Days Past

Since we moved to Florida, I’ve really been working on my sewing.  Now that there is a fabric shop near my house, I find I stop in there at least twice a week (okay, five times a week).  And so, I’ve been sewing more.  Practice may not yet have yielded perfection, but I am improving!

Over the past year, I’ve completed a full sized patchwork quilt (made with another Moda layer cake from my prize package!) which I gave to my aunt and uncle (should have taken pictures first).  That one was the family joke, as I had been working on it on and off for almost four years!

Next up was one I had promised my daughter before we moved.  All her cheerleading friends and coaches made blocks for her with fabric sharpies on squares I had precut, and I finally put them all together. quiltcheermemories2

This was the first time I tried sashing and the first time I tried to stitch-in-the-ditch, instead of hand quilting shapes.   The backing is a beautiful turquoise with gold sparkles (which come off on everything!).


My two most recent completed quilts are lap sized- one for my step-niece, one for my step-nephew.  For my niece, we went very girlie since she was only three months old.  I had wanted to try chevrons and had just learned how to do half-square triangles.  quiltrory4quiltrory3quiltrory


My nephew always seems to be on vacation in Hawaii, the lucky duck, so for his first birthday, I went with ocean themed batiks in a simple brick layout.  On the back, I used flannel and went with a very cool strip and flip pattern.  Wish I had gotten it straighter when I basted it, but I still love it!