A Prowler (and a Backing Fail)

Sewing has again been interrupted by a new house guest.  This time, it is Prowler, a 6-week old foster kitten with an upper respiratory infection.  He gets medicine twice a day and frequent steam showers.  My daughter walks around with him in a makeshift baby carrier and barely lets him out of her sight.  (Which is a good thing because the first time she did, he ran straight into the dishwasher housing and we had to take it apart to get him back out!) Luckily, kittens are much more independent than puppies and so, as long as she is around to watch him (or he is confined to her bedroom and bathroom), I can still get some stuff done.  The problem is that she is going to have a tough time giving this little guy up when it is time for him to be adopted.  We really don’t want to bring him back to the shelter where he will have to go in a cage.  We would much rather see him adopted outright, so if anyone is looking for a little black fuzzball to love, please send us a message!


As for the sewing, I did finally decide on a “pattern” for the back of the memory quilt.  I sewed three of the four extra fabrics from the front together, then slashed them to add strips of the fourth.  Less than perfect, but cute and good enough for the back.  It’s not boring and doesn’t rely on right angles which would invariably be different right angles than what is on the front of the quilt.

What I do need to remember is that the vertical and/or horizontal strips should always go first before the diagonals because otherwise things don’t line up properly.  I know I’ve made that mistake before and I’m sure I’ll make it again!

And then, I got mad at my other daughter and took it out on the quilt.  I took what was left of the fourth piece of fabric and just sewed it straight onto the side of the blue and orange one.  So there!  Okay, so I’m not really sure what that might have proven or why my daughter would possibly care or what my point even was.  I’m sure the therapist will have fun with that one.  It did have the effect of finishing the backing.  Well, at least I thought it did.

I taped the backing to the floor, took out the good batting (Warm & Natural Cotton) and taped that to the floor on top, and then tried to lay out the quilt top.  No matter which way I turned it, it was still too big.  Which tells me that either (or both) the quilt top or the backing are far from square (or rectangular) because based on the measurements I took, the backing is five inches larger than the top!  So, now I am stuck sewing scraps around the backing edges to gain just a few more inches.  UGH!




Shhhh! I’m sewing…

Finally, all is quiet.  One foster dog taking a nap.


One little boy with the flu, taking a nap.


(I swear he’s in there somewhere!)

And since I’m stuck at home with the little boy with the flu, I can sneak some sewing in… until someone wakes up!  Time to finish up the quilt back for my dad and step-mom!


Definitely need to find a better way to photograph these quilts!  Laying them across the couch just doesn’t seem to do it anymore.  Perhaps in the new house (should they ever decide to break ground), I’ll get some sort of stand.   Oh well.

Still trying to figure out how to quilt the front so that the white and gold no longer look like cigarettes! Open to any suggestions that only involve straight lines…



Not So “Simply” Woven

As I mentioned, the back of the wormhole quilt is done!  It turns out that my beautiful blocks for the simply woven back were not so easy to put together.  The tiniest fraction of an inch off, and the strips don’t line up- on almost every block!  I’m glad this is the back and not the part that I was trying to show off!  How does everyone else make this look so easy?  I truly don’t think I could measure anything accurately if my life depended on it!

At least this pattern is so busy that from a distance, it still looks great.

Some pics?



Now on to basting (my least favorite part!)…


A Simply Woven Back

I decided I wanted to make the back of my brother’s quilt as pretty as the front.  So I started auditioning patterns.  When I got it down to three, I gave my brother the choices.  He selected Jessica Kelly’s (from SewCraftyJess) Simply Woven pattern.  Luckily, she has a wonderful tutorial for it on the Moda Bakeshop!  I used black Kona Cotton for the rectangles.  For all the strips, I cut up what I had left of my batiks that I used on the front.  Then I used the rest of the batiks that I had used from my nephew’s quilt.quiltdavid3

Then, I realized I needed to run to the fabric store!  I got half a yard of a beautiful tribal looking batik.quiltdavid6


Finally, all the strips were cut and it was time to start piecing.  It seemed so easy to put together.  When I went to square up the first block, I discovered that it was about half an inch too small on every side!  The culprit?  My 1/4 inch seems were more like 2/5 of an inch.  Good to know and glad I had only done one block!  The next few blocks were no problem once I got my seams right (or at least a lot closer!).  And then I learned that YES, you really do have to follow the directions in the order they were written.  Here are two more “mistake blocks” to prove it (with the original “too small” one).

quiltdavid4I had calculated that I need 30 blocks to be big enough to back the quilt.  So now I’m at the halfway point- 15 blocks!!!! I haven’t squared them up yet, but I checked to be sure there is extra room on every side!



Hoping for some more free time in the coming week to finish up these blocks!