BOM Block 8

A quick post just to show that I’m back on the regular schedule.  Block 8 was a toughie because I refuse to sew partial seems (because I don’t know how and I am too lazy to learn)!  So, I had to modify the instructions and cut everything into smaller pieces.  While far from perfect, it came out much better than the other block I had to modify.

First, I sketched it out, breaking the block into four sections. image (26)

Then, I sewed up each part.  I cut all the pieces larger than required and ironed and trimmed between each set of piecing.


Finally, I sewed the four parts together.  They lined up fairly nicely, though I definitely see places that could be improved.  image (32)

And the finished block:

image (33)

Fabric for block 9 has already been cut!




My sewing has been characterized by a complete lack of discipline in every respect.  In an effort to improve, I have decided that I need a task master!  And so I am trying something new: Block of the Month.  Of course, there are pros and cons to this endeavor…

The Pros:

  1. A set timeline: though I’m going to speed it up and attempt to do it at a Block a Week!
  2. Someone else calling the shots
  3. Some of the blocks will force me out of my comfort zone (if I even have one)
  4. Planning is already done- none of my usual running out of fabric, too many or few blocks, layouts that won’t work, etc.
  5. Someone has already figured out the cutting measurements- one of my weakest points

The Cons: 

  1. I hate sampler quilts
  2. Some of the blocks are ugly
  3. Some of the blocks will force me out of my comfort zone (okay, so this one cuts both ways)
  4. No creativity (though I did get to pick out the fabrics- ALL from my stash)


Since the pros seemed to outweigh the cons, the next step was to find the right Block of the Month quilt.  After looking at several, I settled on Sew,Mama,Sew! Modern Block of the Month from 2011-12 with Alyssa Haight Carlton.  I liked the simplicity of many of the blocks, which would really allow force me to focus on technique, since mistakes are hard to hide in a simple block.

Half-way through the first block, I’m really enjoying her crystal clear instructions, digital pictures and actual pictures.  Each block is also made in a second colorway, and digital pictures are given of an entire quilt of that block in all different layouts.  Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Here’s a pic of block #1, ready to be assembled:photo-55



An Asterisk Pillow

quiltasteriskpillow3I hate sampler quilts.  Well, that’s not entirely fair.  I love the concept of them and I love learning new tricks to make new blocks, but I hate how they look all put together.  The total lack of symmetry bothers me and my obsessive compulsive disorder.   So after I signed up for one of the free craftsy mini-classes that features a block (or two) a month, I didn’t know what to do with the block I made.  Actually, there were two blocks.  When I first tried the asterisk pattern, I got so excited with how much fun it was that I simply forgot to measure the second strip which was “close” to the right size.  When it came time to put in the third strip, I discovered two things-

1. it is really important to follow the directions in order, because the diagonals really do need to come before the horizontal and vertical lines

2. if you forgot to measure, and use something close, that is about half an inch too wide, you can’t really find the center point for strips going diagonally


So, I had to start over.  My second try came out great!  So what to do with the blocks?  I squared them up and made a throw pillow.  And the best part- all my mistakes were on one side, which is now officially the bottom of the pillow.  What mistakes you ask?  Seams where the binding was joined that wound up upside-down (or inside-out)- how did I miss that?  Seams where the fabric and binding didn’t quite meet (thank you fabric glue).  And the spot where the binding got sewn too far down and didn’t really stretch over to meet the other side.


And because I am just that lazy, I sewed the pillow form straight into the cover.  No zippers, buttons or envelope closures for me!  My daughter has now requested one in colors to match her room.

I think this one went a step beyond I love it because you made it!  Think there might be some more pillows in the near future…