Almost done…

I had wanted a finish for Finish Up (From Here) Friday, but not sure if it will happen.  Just as quickly as Diego the dog moved out, Remy the dog moved in.  We’ve now had at least 5 chihuahua mixes as fosters, and I have to say, I’m ready for a dog that you can’t step on. Bring on the St. Bernards, please!  Remy likes to try to walk on my legs while I’m sewing.

photo (82)

As for the baby quilt, I decided not to use any batting since the baby is due in early fall in Florida, and just backed it in a light grey flannel.  I stitched outlines into all of the flowered parts of the blocks and then added stippling to the entire black and white section.  Somewhere in there the machine ran into some tension problems which didn’t work themselves out till the end.  It would look odd, but you can’t really see the quilting since it is white thread on a mostly white background, so I decided to just leave it alone and not risk making things worse.

For the binding, I used the leftover floral scraps, some tiny black on white polka dot scraps from another quilt and an extra fat quarter of the blue floral I had used.  I tried to line it up so that the black and white binding was on the floral part of the quilt and the floral binding was on the black and white part of the quilt, and that mostly worked out.  I stitched the binding down yesterday and was going to start the hand stitching today.  And then I decided not to.  I slowed down the speed settings on the machine and began to machine stitch it down.  After the first few inches, I realized that I didn’t even need pins to hold it in place (though I did order some Clover Clips that haven’t arrived yet).  Why did I ever hand stitch anything?  It’s been about twenty minutes and I’m more than halfway done.  And it is so much neater than my hand stitching.  If it’s not done today, then definitely over the weekend!



Bada Bing Bada BOM!

My block of the week challenge is complete- way ahead of schedule I might add!  My only problem is that I can’t lay out the blocks and sashing to piece because Diego the dog is still in residence.  He would find that WAY too much fun, and get dog hair all over everything.  So for now, those blocks will sit in a pile, along with the already pieced (No) Golden Shadows quilt top, which is waiting to be basted for the same reason.

photo (77)

So, here are blocks 9-12:

photo (74)Block 9 was easy until I went to square it up at the end and realized that one corner was half an inch short.   Rather than undoing the stitching, I just modified the block and added an extra strip:

image (36)










Here’s the finished look: image (35)


Block 10:

Block 11:

And finally, Block 12:


I absolutely loved this process and will definitely be looking for more block of the month challenges- or really, anything with real instructions.  Who knew I would actually enjoy following patterns?  Opening up a world of possibilities…


Still in the Shadows

I find myself still totally unsure about this Golden Shadows quilt (that really doesn’t have shadows anymore, if it ever even did).  I find it uninspiring and yet the actual construction is coming out quite well.  I had framed all the blocks in gold; 3 were narrow frames, 6 were wider.  I then framed the frames with a speckled beige and evened them all out at 12 inches square.   These are the three narrow ones:




And these are the six wider ones: photo-49

And then I got bored and started to sew the blocks into big blocks.  And then I wanted the quilt (now apparently it’s to be a quilt, not a large pillow) to be bigger.  I added four solid blocks of the gold.  Now I have three sets of four blocks and no idea what to do with them.  Obviously, at a little short of 6 ft by 2 ft, it needs to be widened.  I’m out of gold fabric, out of charm squares and out of ideas!photo-53
photo-48So instead of something beautiful to share today, I’m sharing my frustration.  But, on the bright side, I have found a recipient for this quilt if and when I ever finish it.


Meet our new foster dog, Diego: He’s a Chiweenie!  Sweet, good with the kids, well-mannered and best of all, he’s totally housebroken.  So if you know anyone looking to adopt in South Florida, Diego is looking for his forever home.




A Very Long Oil Change

Yesterday, my morning was spent at the car dealership getting the oil changed and the tires rotated.  This is usually accomplished in less than an hour, but for some reason, things were running particularly slow there.  Luckily, I had brought the Second Tier quilt along to be hand stitched.  Two and a half hours later (were they drilling for new oil first?) the quilt was done!  (The car followed shortly thereafter!)  One thing to check off the list!


Yes, I realize my picture is upside down, but I can’t remember how to fix that!

What I should really be working on next are the straps for the Oompa-Loompa outfits for the Middle School play (which my daughter isn’t even in), but they are white- BORING!



So, instead I find myself trimming squares for the Sponge Bob quilt and playing with Nico, our newest foster He’s 13 weeks old, part shih tzu and part terrier, and very, very barky.  But, oh so cute!  If anyone in South Florida is looking to adopt a fuzzy baby, drop me a line and I can tell you all about Nico.


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Antique Heart finish


The Almost Antique Heart quilt received its final stitch on Wednesday.  I’m so in love with the binding!  Time to throw it in the wash, get all the dog hair off and mail it off to my cousin.


In other good news, Star the puppy was adopted yesterday.  She is going to have an awesome life with Maria and Chris and her new furry siblings!


Which means that I have two more quilts to finish (Hogwart’s Houses and Rainbow Stripes) and then I can clean up my house and put it on the market!  Hmmm…when did the quilting determine the schedule for the house?  If anyone is looking in Davie, Florida, two master suites plus another bedroom, three baths, office, marble floors, huge patio, one floor.  Make me an offer I can’t refuse!



Nothing to See Here…

And the sewing comes to a screeching halt!  A new foster dog took up residence on Friday, and nothing much has been accomplished since then.

Meet Star.


She is a one year old wire haired terrier mix (mixed with llama we think!), with a vertical leap of almost three feet!  The first two nights, she howled through the night till after midnight, again at 3am and was up for good by 6.  Almost like having a baby again.  She’s been better since, but still isn’t housebroken.  The kids have really stepped up to help with this one though.

So, all progress has stopped on the rainbow stripes quilt since I need a large spot to lay it out and don’t have one that Star can’t get to.   The only thing accomplished this week is the beginning of a new quilt.  Beginning as in selected fabric and started to cut.  This one will use old fashioned, romantic style fabrics and feature a big heart in the (hopefully) center- you never know with my measuring skills!


This is what has been done so far.  Yup, that’s really it!

If I finish cutting these, I have a second quilt that I can start cutting for, but after that I’m stuck until Star is adopted.  Hoping she finds her forever family soon!


Sewing with Charley



Charley the foster dog is still in residence and cute as he is, he is quite an imp!  Which has definitely put a damper on any sewing projects.  I did manage to finish the back of my red, white and blue quilt, since it was scrappy and didn’t really need to be laid out anywhere.



The blocks to the simply woven back need to be laid out before they can be sewn together, and now the red, white and blue quilt is up to basting- something I’m not good at anyway.  I have fabric ready for my next two quilts, but I had promised myself that I would have no more than two projects going at any one time.  So nothing to do but continue playing with scraps.

This is what yesterday yielded: quiltpurpleblocks

The snowball block was a lot easier to make than I realized and my son thinks it looks just like some of the ships/fighter pods (what are those things?) in Star Wars.   So now I’m checking the stash to see if I have fabrics to make a real fighter pod pillow for him!

Wishing Charley would take a nap!