A Quick Baby Gift

Last month, my daughter’s former cheer coach gave birth to her first child.  We’ve always made blankets for the new babies at the gym, and even though we haven’t seen them for a while, we knew that this little guy needed one too.

photo-36 Lately, my daughter has been in love with Eeyore (yes, she is twelve years old), and I have been holding onto a Winnie the Pooh panel, which I knew would make a super baby blanket.  The time was right to pull it out.


Around each part of the panel were some drawn stitches, and at each corner, a drawn, sewn on button.  We backed the panel with a plain piece of muslin and then stitched over all the hand drawn lines.  image-3


Next we found an almost perfectly matched piece of sky blue and white checked flannel.


We taped it to the floor to baste it, did some quick stitching to hold it together, and then made a scrappy binding out of actual scraps of matching fabric.image-7

The binding was sewn down by hand and the baby blanket was shipped up to Connecticut in less than two weeks!  Definitely a new record for me, though I realize it is totally cheating to use an entire panel and nothing else as the quilt top!

Either way, DONE!



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