Staring at the Ceiling

photo-30Today I was home all morning watching a special project take shape.  I have been decorating my house in a “Spanish Revival” style, and we found some beautiful dark patterned wood for the trays in the ceilings (along with some cool Moroccan style lanterns).  Since the wood needed some very precise cutting and matching, as well as special adhesive, I hired my tile guy to do the job.


All day, it has been measure, mark, cut, and put exactly in place with 1/8 inch seams. I was watching from my sewing room, where the pattern was also measure, mark, cut and put in place with 1/4 inch seams.  All morning, the tile guy and I were leading parallel lives.   Made me start to wonder if there were other “crafts” (both skilled labor and hobby) that require the same skill set.  Would I be any good at tiling?  Would my tile guy be good at quilting?  So curious to think what else I might be capable of…

In the meantime, my M&M Christmas quilt is half-way bound!





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