Second Tier

photo-14With Hurricane Matthew quickly approaching, I needed to do a lap quilt that would go together quickly, so it would be ready for some hand-stitched binding before the storm hit, giving me something to do when we had no power.  (Yes, that is a run-on sentence).  I dove back into the box of squares I had won over a year ago and found a cute Disney princess print.  My daughters are too old for the princess thing, but I happen to know an adorable three year old.  Unfortunately, none of the princesses were centered on the fabric, so the squares all needed to be fussy cut to get the most princess and least amount of blank space and other princess’ body parts.

As I was cutting, my younger daughter walked in and identified the princesses for me. Cinderella was easy to pick out, and there was one precious square of Belle.  I recognized Rapunzel, but had no idea that she was a princess- lucky her! (Well, maybe not so lucky since she was trapped in a tower).  The last one?  Tiana.  According to Wikipedia, she is “Princess Tiana of Maldonia, a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures’ 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog”.  So, my daughter said, “These are kind of the second tier princesses, other than Cinderella”.  And so the quilt was named.

photo-17There was a pattern I had been waiting to try with fussy cut squares.  It is the Candy Wishes quilt by Jo Kramer for the Moda Bakeshop.  My squares weren’t “candy” sized, and I had less of them than called for, but this pattern was very easy to adapt.  I picked a beautiful purpley plum color from my stash to go with it, and started cutting and sewing.  Look how beautifully they all lined up (for once!)

With one day left till the storm hit, I hit a small snag: no good fabric for a backing.  So while the lines at the gas station ran down the street and the shelves at Walmart had been emptied, I went to Joann’s Fabrics, where I was most definitely the only person in the store.  But look what I scored: photo-24  A new pattern with a whole bunch of colorways.  The color fades in and out and is meant to look hand printed.  Much easier on the eyes than a small repeating pattern and doesn’t need to be lined up perfectly (trust me, it wasn’t!).

The quilt was quickly basted and needed to be quilted equally as quickly.  After playing around with the sewing machine, I decided to use a pretty cross-stitch straight across the solid rows.  I love all the decorative stitches on my machine!  This gave it the little girl look I was going for.

photo-20And then finally, the binding… A pretty pink and grey that matched nicely with the pink in the princess squares.


Now all I had to do was wait for the power to go out.  One last look at the radar and…

Matthew was not going to hit here at all!  We were too far south!



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