Sewing Up a Storm

Things were starting to come together with the sewing.  The Rainbow Stripes quilt was finished and mailed off to my dad and step mom.  The M&Ms Christmas quilt top came together quickly and easily.  So, I took a deep breath and pulled the fair isle pieces out of the bag.  I laid them out on the floor and discovered that it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. Rather than worry about seam allowances I concentrated on matching lines up with the row above it and then cutting and sewing based on matching up the seams.  The end result was a quite cute version of a fair isle lap quilt.  I got to use all but one of the original fabrics I had chosen, a light teal, which you can see at the top left corner of the picture.

And then came the news that Hurricane Matthew was on its way to South Florida, due to make a direct hit on my house north of Miami.  What to do?  Well, stock up on canned food and water, check the emergency kit, gass up the car, fill the bath tub and get sewing!





Sewing?  Of course!   I needed to get as many projects as possible to the point where the binding was ready to be hand sewn so that I would have something to do when the power went out. That meant a quick basting of the fair isle quilt and then some straight line quilting.  photo-16






A scrappy binding made of extra fabric from the quilt top went on quickly and was ready to be sewn down. And then I started thinking… maybe I should have one more lap quilt ready for the storm…



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