Back on the Chain (piecing) Gang

A Catch-Up Post

It’s been a year and a half since the last post and SO much has happened!  I finished up that Hogwarts quilt and then had to pack up all my sewing stuff. Our house was going on the market in April which meant it needed to look like a house, not a sweatshop.  We finally moved into the new house in October and I had to immediately start planning for my daughter’s bat mitzvah in February, which took up all my spare time.  Then setting up and decorating the new house, putting together the library in the kids’ school and getting my oldest ready for her summer in Costa Rica and then a semester in Israel all came one after another. During all this, my grandfather passed away, which was quite hard to take; he was my last grandparent.  When I last went up north, my father sent me home with that churn dash quilt I had made for my grandfather. That reminded me that, after over a year, it was time to get back to sewing.

I started looking through my files of “quilts I want to make”, and decided to make a version of the Fair Isle quilt from the Moda Bakeshop by Leah Douglas.  I got right to work cutting, thrilled with the color palette I had picked.  And then the chain piecing began.  The first few strips came out beautifully and then I decided to sew the first couple together, which is when disaster struck.  Well, in the scheme of things, not really disaster, more like a Homer Simpson “doh”. None of the rows lined up.  Not even closely.   Those blasted quarter inch seam allowances that I can never seem to get right!

In anger and frustration, I put all the cut pieces into a Ziploc bag, sealed it up, and hid it in a drawer! Wanting to do something I didn’t care if I screwed up, I went through my piles of 5 inch squares that I had won years ago.  There was some cute fabric featuring Christmas  M&Ms and since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I had found my fabric.  I found some green with gold polka-dots yardage in my stash and just made a simple bordered square for a mini quilt top.  It all lined up, I felt better and put everything away for the day.  And then I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to start any projects until I finished the quilt for my father and stepmother…

So, this was quilted with diagonal straight lines and then bound with more of the grey fabric.  Here’s a pic:

quiltdad14  Yes, it still looks like cigarettes.  Oh well.

Next post will have a lot more pics of the current projects…






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