Templates Playing Nicely

I have a new skill- sort of!  Embroidery.  Don’t want to say it too loudly- someone might think I really know how to do it- but like most cool stuff, it was born of necessity.  The Hogwarts Houses quilt was sewn and finally basted:



The design in my head had the Hogwarts crest in the middle and the symbol for each house in its colored blocks.  I decided to start with Gryffindor, the lion.  Searched online and found a great lion outline, printed it and taped the printing to a cereal box and cut it out.  It was so much fun that I went on to do all four houses right away.  Here are my templates playing nicely together:


And here are all four templates showing you what my kids eat for breakfast (actually, the Krave is mine, and no, I won’t share):



I traced the lion onto the quilt with my awesome Mark-B-Gone pen, which not only warns you to try it on scrap fabric first, but states right on the pen, “Please take off cap with hands, not with a mouth.”  Good to know!

And then I started hand quilting the lion.  Why?  Because I don’t have any feet for my sewing machine besides the basic one it came with, and it was pretty clear that all those curves just were beyond my capabilities.  So an hour went by, and then another, and I was about 1/3 of the way done with the lion’s head, at which point the kids seemed to think that I should be making dinner.  Ordinarily, I would have simply explained that this is why we have frozen pizza, a microwave and a perfectly capable teenager in the house, but that was what I had told them the night before!  Clearly I didn’t have 10-15 hours to spend handstitching each animal.  So, I gave up and made dinner (fish stick tacos, if you’re interested).

The next day, I ripped out the stitches and stuck that quilt under the machine and used a zig-zag stitch to trace the lines.  Half an hour, max!  Definitely not as precise as the hand-stitching, but I’m an instant gratification kind of girl!  Lots of problems with broken threads, but I’m sure that’s to be expected when you’re making the machine do something it probably isn’t supposed to.

And here they are, my house mascots:




Next up comes the crest…



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