Life gets in the way

Amazing how life always seems to get in the way of sewing!  The past three weeks have included one concussion (son), one possibly fractured elbow and dislocated shoulder including ER visit and orthopedist (daughter), joining the softball team (other daughter), baseball games, football games, cheerleading competitions, Purim play, Purim, foster dog, dentist, orthodontist, prayer book ceremony, substitute teaching, carnivals, volunteer work and one day of fasting (which didn’t take up any time, but made me really grumpy!).  Why the rant?  Because if I don’t list what I did, I feel guilty that I haven’t gotten done what I wanted to.  Which was to finish one quilt for my step-mom’s birthday (feb 24) – still in the basting stage; one quilt for a friend (not basted yet), and one for my cousin’s birthday.

My cousin’s birthday was at least this week (and she got engaged- yay!) and her quilt will be the first one done.  She is getting the Almost Antique Heart quilt and it is up to the binding- which is already sewn down in front!  Some pics?

quiltheart17  I went with straight line quilting of various widths in different sections.  In that coral part, it is a dense 1/4 inch.  quiltheart16


And the binding is my favorite ever!  That argyle-esque print looks amazing when cut in to strips!

quiltheart10 quiltheart15quiltheart14

I wasn’t so sure about this fabric at first.  Hated it the first time I saw it and only bought it the next time because they were out of what I really wanted and this was really the only thing that worked.  Never thought I would want more, but it truly makes the most amazing binding!  Pictures will have to wait till the quilt is truly finished, but I want to use this as binding for everything!

Hoping to get the Heart quilt done this weekend, so I can send it up to my cousin with my favorite wedding planning book, Anita Diamant’s The New Jewish Wedding.  Let’s see what life can throw at me before then!



3/11: Linking up with Freshly Pieced, as the binding is almost done!


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