Shhhh! I’m sewing…

Finally, all is quiet.  One foster dog taking a nap.


One little boy with the flu, taking a nap.


(I swear he’s in there somewhere!)

And since I’m stuck at home with the little boy with the flu, I can sneak some sewing in… until someone wakes up!  Time to finish up the quilt back for my dad and step-mom!


Definitely need to find a better way to photograph these quilts!  Laying them across the couch just doesn’t seem to do it anymore.  Perhaps in the new house (should they ever decide to break ground), I’ll get some sort of stand.   Oh well.

Still trying to figure out how to quilt the front so that the white and gold no longer look like cigarettes! Open to any suggestions that only involve straight lines…




One thought on “Shhhh! I’m sewing…

  1. Not sure if this might work for you, but the wavy intersecting lines that I did in the blue border on my Fying Zebra Quilt were done using a walking foot, no fmqing required. The curved quilting lines might be enough to “reshape” those strips so they don’t look like cigarettes. The gentle curves were really easy to do. I drew a template of what I wanted and then hubby cut it out of the plastic from the top of an egg carton and then I just traced the lines and followed them when I was stitching. But if you’re good a free hand drawing you could just draw right on the quilt.

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