Nothing to See Here…

And the sewing comes to a screeching halt!  A new foster dog took up residence on Friday, and nothing much has been accomplished since then.

Meet Star.


She is a one year old wire haired terrier mix (mixed with llama we think!), with a vertical leap of almost three feet!  The first two nights, she howled through the night till after midnight, again at 3am and was up for good by 6.  Almost like having a baby again.  She’s been better since, but still isn’t housebroken.  The kids have really stepped up to help with this one though.

So, all progress has stopped on the rainbow stripes quilt since I need a large spot to lay it out and don’t have one that Star can’t get to.   The only thing accomplished this week is the beginning of a new quilt.  Beginning as in selected fabric and started to cut.  This one will use old fashioned, romantic style fabrics and feature a big heart in the (hopefully) center- you never know with my measuring skills!


This is what has been done so far.  Yup, that’s really it!

If I finish cutting these, I have a second quilt that I can start cutting for, but after that I’m stuck until Star is adopted.  Hoping she finds her forever family soon!



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