Red, White and Blues Finish

Three finishes in three weeks- can it be true?  Yes indeed.  We’ll just gloss over the fact that all three quilts were six months in the making and that those three weeks happened to be three weeks of vacation!


So here it is, the Red, White and Blues Quilt:


Not my typical style, not my typical color choices.  These were made with the first batch of squares from the Online Fabric Store.  I’ve featured the front and the back before, so really the only “finish” is the quilting and the binding, which came out incredibly well.  The quilting is very light, just some hand stitched stars in the center of each square.


For the binding, I had wanted a darker blue but didn’t have one in the stash and wound up loving how the lighter shade looks anyway.  This continuous binding practice seems to be helping.  Last week I had said that the binding on my Aunt Lori’s quilt was the best I had ever done, but this one came out even better!


Since I considered this one a practice quilt, I didn’t worry so much about where the quilt was uneven in places.  Instead, I just stitched on an extra piece of binding fabric and fabric glued down the sides (Sssshh!  Don’t tell!)  So I just dumped it in the washing machine to make sure everything stays in place.  Once it is all dry, this one is being donated, hopefully to a local chapter of the Jewish War Veterans, who can give it to someone that will use it.  My quilting is not yet of the quality that it could go to Quilts of Valor- maybe someday.

Two days left of vacation.  No chance for another real finish next Friday, but perhaps a quilt top…?



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