The Wormhole Quilt

I’ve mentioned this quilt before, but was waiting till I finished to show off my best quilt yet:

The Wormhole Quilt


This one is for my brother, David, and his cat, Lukin.  For some reason, I have no pictures of my brother, but here is Lukin: lukin

David wanted black, to match his personality, but just to piss him off, I added lots of seriously bright tropical batiks!  Turns out he really liked it (well, at least he says he does) and also really liked a “mistake”.  I used two different blacks and they are mixed throughout the quilt, but if you are looking for it, you can tell.  He loved the extra dimension that it added to it and said the quilt was like looking through a wormhole, and so it was named!


For the back, I used more black and batiks in the Simply Woven pattern, which I didn’t find simple at all!  On the upside, because it is so busy, it is VERY forgiving, of both seams that don’t come close to lining up and quilting that was designed to go with the front, but not so much with the back.quiltdavid10

Said quilting is just a straight line a quarter inch in from every seam on both sides.  Gives it a very professional look when done well, but here it serves to point out every place that my seams didn’t line up.  As I mentioned in the last post, lesson learned: need to think about what the quilting will point out in the quilt. It might be time for me to invest in a free motion presser foot so that I no longer have to stick to straight lines!


Binding was done with some more bright batiks.


And one more lesson learned: black is a lint magnet!!!!  Have fun Lukin!




One thought on “The Wormhole Quilt

  1. Congrats on a beautiful finish!! I love that he asked for black and you gave him black and COLOR! 🙂 And the ‘back’ is pretty darn impressive too!! Wow, your brother is a lucky man, two quilts in one!

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