A Rush to the Finish

Two weeks ago I had two quilts to finish and ship in time for the holidays.  They were both up to the basting stage.  At my usual snail’s pace, this would have been impossible, but with cooperation from well-behaved children, I went all out- and I DID IT!!!!

First up, Aunt Lori’s quilt.  I went with some simple straight (-ish) line quilting on my Moda squares, which added some beautiful dimension to the quilt.  Unfortunately, it also pointed out that my disappearing nine patch on the front didn’t line up with my disappearing nine patch on the back.  So, I learned that you need to think about those things before quilting!


However, this is definitely my best binding job to date!  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but there are almost no twists and turns or gathers and three of my four corners are nearly perfect.  I even remembered to sew the joining of the binding together BEFORE stitching it to the back.  I should really make myself a checklist of what to do for each step of quilting, because I always forget to do several things that I’ve already learned!



The finished photos:



The second big finish will be coming up in the next post!



4 thoughts on “A Rush to the Finish

  1. Hi Allison. I’m visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts Finish-it-up Friday. I LOVE this quilt – it just pops. I am in the middle of doing nearly the same pattern in grays and grunge colors for my adult son, an artist. I like your quilting idea and will probably copy that, LOL. But the backing is just going to be leftovers and other bits. Quick and fun quilt, eh? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

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