Aunt Lori’s Quilt

I have been wanting to make a quilt for my aunt and uncle’s den.  It’s the comfiest place in the world and they let my kids swing from the rafters (well, not literally, but only because there are no rafters).  The colors are beige and a pretty golden brown color.


quiltlori5 I had some squares left over from a Moda layer cake that I won several years ago in a design contest.  I had never used them because they were faintly Christmas-y, but since my aunt is Catholic, I thought they would be a good fit.  Browns, reds, minty green and pale blue florals with white and cream.  For blenders, I used a white and beige tiny heart pattern and a brown and white floral. quiltlori1

I had been wanting to try a disappearing nine patch pattern and this seemed like a perfect way to show off these squares.  Came together quickly and beautifully!  The Moda fabrics are so nice to sew with- they feel gorgeous.  You can really tell the difference between that and the chain fabric store fabrics.


quiltlori4 quiltlori3 quiltlori2 quiltlori9 quiltlori7

For the back, I decided I would also do a disappearing nine patch, but with less variety in the fabrics.  At the fabric store, I found that little heart print in two other color ways: a pale grey and taupe and a beige and burgundy.  I had a little left over of the brown and white floral, two duplicate squares from the front, and in my stash found an almost solid greenish-gold color.  After cutting it all up, I’m short about ten squares.  None of my browns seem just right, so back to the fabric store to see if there is any more of that heart print…



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