Machine Stitched Binding

My husband’s assistant at work is having her second son- hopefully this week.  Hanna is so wonderful to him that I wanted to make something special for her.  So, a trip to the fabric store to find some baby fabrics with an airplane theme to match the nursery.  Little bears with airplanes, hot air balloons and race cars- so cute! I dug into my dwindling flannel collection and found some blue boats to keep with the transportation theme.  Stitched it up to make a burp cloth and then decided that this would be the perfect time to try a machine binding.  All in all, I think it was a great first attempt.  The biggest problem was that the binding was a flannel and more importantly, was only one and a quarter inches before it was folded in half, leaving a really small sewing surface.


Since precision is definitely not my middle name, this was a challenge.  The front actually came out quite nice, the back, well, that’s another story.



Not really nice enough to gift, so this one is about to become a stuffed animal blanket (we never seem to have enough of those!).  Luckily, I bought enough of the fabric to make another one, without binding, which came out much nicer.



Also found some vintage-style Mickey Mouse flannel to go with some red with white pindots and some vintage style airplanes in my stash.  Will need to run out to the fabric store again for just a little more flannel to go with those airplanes, then I think we’ll be all set.  Will definitely try machine binding again- was SO fast- but with a much wider binding and just a simple cotton.



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