Good Luck!

Things seem to be going my way lately, and I’m trying to appreciate every minute of it.  Adding to my good fortune are two more fabric bundles I won!

The first is a quilt mini-kit from the Stitch Supply Company, won on the In the Boondocks blog.


It is called the Flowering Snowball Mini Quilt Kit and features a whole lot of fabrics from Cotton and Steel!


 This is what the finished mini-quilt is supposed to look like:
The fabrics look and feel gorgeous, but I have to admit that I am too scared to try this one yet (even though it comes with really well-written instructions and an online tutorial).  I’ve never tried curved piecing.  I still have trouble with straight line piecing.  I’m tempted to use the fabrics for something else, but that would be cheating and I can’t do that.  So, I think this one will sit on my sewing table mocking me until I realize I’m being ridiculous and just give it a try!
A second fun win came from Summer at The Easy Quilter.  She had won a bunch of HSTs and used them plus some solid charm squares to make a stunning, modern mini-quilt.  When she was done, she passed along the rest and I was lucky enough to get some gorgeous colors!



So how do I keep winning things?  I have no idea, but I love reading other people’s blogs.  There are so many incredibly talented people out there.  There are wonderful ideas, great tutorials and of course, lots of giveaways on the quilting blogs and I feel so lucky to get to be inspired by all of it!




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