Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday!)

It’s been a month since I last got to sit down at the computer, but boy has it been a busy month!

First, Charley the dog found his forever family!  One more puppy saved!


Then, we took an 11 day trip back “home” to Connecticut- and New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  We rented a car and drove 941 miles throughout the four states so that we could see (almost) everyone we’ve been missing.

I got home just in time for a bad cold to strike, which of course my children now have.

Right now we are in the middle of the Jewish holidays, and much as I love this time of year, almost an entire month without the kids in school is seriously draining!

But the super-good news is that we bought a new house.  It still has to be built, but they are projecting a June move-in.  The most exciting part for my husband?  I will have my own craft room so that the living room, dining room and our bedroom can return to being just that- a living room, dining room and bedroom without being covered in sewing projects!



So, today, in between trips to the orthodontist, doctor and waiting for the exterminator (who showed up while I was typing the word- how odd!), I managed to sneak in a little sewing (finally!)

The back of my brother’s wormhole quilt is finally done!  And I just started a new disappearing nine patch for my aunt and uncle. After the holidays, we can get out the big table and I can attempt to baste my brother’s quilt and that red, white and blue one.  Maybe I’ll even have my aunt’s ready in time to be basted as well!



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