Sewing with Charley



Charley the foster dog is still in residence and cute as he is, he is quite an imp!  Which has definitely put a damper on any sewing projects.  I did manage to finish the back of my red, white and blue quilt, since it was scrappy and didn’t really need to be laid out anywhere.



The blocks to the simply woven back need to be laid out before they can be sewn together, and now the red, white and blue quilt is up to basting- something I’m not good at anyway.  I have fabric ready for my next two quilts, but I had promised myself that I would have no more than two projects going at any one time.  So nothing to do but continue playing with scraps.

This is what yesterday yielded: quiltpurpleblocks

The snowball block was a lot easier to make than I realized and my son thinks it looks just like some of the ships/fighter pods (what are those things?) in Star Wars.   So now I’m checking the stash to see if I have fabrics to make a real fighter pod pillow for him!

Wishing Charley would take a nap!




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