Scraps of My Scraps

I hate to get rid of things.  What if someday I need them again and can’t get new ones?  Doesn’t really matter what it is, I hate to part with it.  So fabric scraps have become a challenge for me. At what point are they too small to keep?

After making my “Exercise Block” out of scraps, I had scraps left over from my scraps.  What to do?


Just for kicks, I sewed them all together.  quiltcrazy5

That block is the same size as the Exercise Block, so I figured I better do two of the side blocks as well.


I decided it would look cute as a rectangular bolster pillow, but since it was an odd size, I wouldn’t be able to get a pillow form for the inside.  So, I sewed the three parts of each side together, backed it with flannel and lightly quilted them.  Then I sewed the two sides together into a pillow and stuffed it.  With what, you ask?  All the scraps and thread that I had been saving for the last two months in a plastic bag! My scraps weren’t enough to fill it, so for now I’ve left the last side open and will continue to use it as a scrap bag till it is full and can be finished off!





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