A Little of Everything

I would really love to be making progress on my Simply Woven quilt back.  All the blocks are ironed and squared and ready to be stitched.


But alas, a small fuzzy house guest is preventing me from getting anything done!  Meet Charley, our foster dog!  He is seven months old, part beagle and part everything else, fully housebroken and loves kids. He is looking for a good home in South Florida.  He is so well behaved, but so curious.  In order to sew, I have to hide in my bedroom, but I don’t have enough space there to lay anything out.


So, for the time being, I’m working on little things from scraps.  This first one I call the Exercise Block.  You may look at it and see my first classic log cabin (with one extra strip), however, it’s really an Exercise Block.  First, I had to cut all my strips in the bedroom so Charley would stay away from the rotary cutter.  Then I came back out to my sewing table, which he can’t reach, to sew the strips together. Sew two together, get up, go back to my bedroom to iron them, return to sewing table to sew next strip on, back to bedroom to iron, etc. etc.  Up and down, up and down.  That counts as today’s exercise, right?  Hence, the Exercise Block!


And then to go on either side, I was going to do a broken herringbone, but Charley distracted me and both sides are going the same way.  Oh well.










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