Red, White and Blues Top

Even more progress on the Red, White and Blue quilt!  The quilt top is officially done!quiltpatriotic12Thankfully, it’s not quite as crazy as I feared it would be.  The white on white borders seemed to have calmed it down a bit!  Final dimensions are about 60 x 60.  So now for the back.  I have a piece of fabric that is red with tiny white pin dots that I picked up at Joann’s that will work nicely for the back.  However, it is only 60 x 40, leaving me 20 x 60 to fill in with scraps.  I have a few more squares, a little more white stars on white, a little more red with white polka dots, and then it’s back to raiding the stash.  

quiltpatriotic13The stash didn’t yield much in this color scheme.  I have some white dots on white and a strip of sparkly navy.  After that, we have to resort to a Western style bandana print.  Now it’s time to play with some designs for the back!




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