Red, White and Blue Progress

Progress has been made on the Red, White and Blue / Patriotic quilt from those wonderful squares I won from the Online Fabric Store!

quiltpatriotic2 I finally decided on a pattern and started stitching!

The hardest part was making the tiny half square triangles when there isn’t enough fabric to trim to size. Any tips would be appreciated!

quiltpatriotic5      quiltpatriotic3

I had enough squares to make four blocks, about 18 inches each.  Then I discovered that I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to continue the pattern.  (You may have noticed that I am not the best planner!) So, time to raid the stash!  I found some red with large white polka-dots and some white on white stars- perfect! I used the squares for the insides and then bordered them with the white fabric.



Four more coordinating blocks!

quiltpatriotic4            quiltpatriotic10

That gave me eight blocks- which I then realized was a really odd size for a quilt, no matter how you put them together.  So, one more block would give me nine, which would work out a lot better, but of course I was out of white fabric!  So out came the red for the center block.


I’m thinking that it’s going to need some special stitching in the center!



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