A Simply Woven Back

I decided I wanted to make the back of my brother’s quilt as pretty as the front.  So I started auditioning patterns.  When I got it down to three, I gave my brother the choices.  He selected Jessica Kelly’s (from SewCraftyJess) Simply Woven pattern.  Luckily, she has a wonderful tutorial for it on the Moda Bakeshop!  I used black Kona Cotton for the rectangles.  For all the strips, I cut up what I had left of my batiks that I used on the front.  Then I used the rest of the batiks that I had used from my nephew’s quilt.quiltdavid3

Then, I realized I needed to run to the fabric store!  I got half a yard of a beautiful tribal looking batik.quiltdavid6


Finally, all the strips were cut and it was time to start piecing.  It seemed so easy to put together.  When I went to square up the first block, I discovered that it was about half an inch too small on every side!  The culprit?  My 1/4 inch seems were more like 2/5 of an inch.  Good to know and glad I had only done one block!  The next few blocks were no problem once I got my seams right (or at least a lot closer!).  And then I learned that YES, you really do have to follow the directions in the order they were written.  Here are two more “mistake blocks” to prove it (with the original “too small” one).

quiltdavid4I had calculated that I need 30 blocks to be big enough to back the quilt.  So now I’m at the halfway point- 15 blocks!!!! I haven’t squared them up yet, but I checked to be sure there is extra room on every side!



Hoping for some more free time in the coming week to finish up these blocks!







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