A Quilt for Grandpa



Knowing that my quilting needed some help, I took a class at Joann’s Fabrics.  In those three hours, I learned so much (really should do it again!).  The teacher taught us the churn dash block.  I came home with one beautiful block and the fabric already cut to make another.  I sewed that together and then cut a few more.  The cutting and sewing (and buying more fabric) continued for a few months until I had an almost queen-sized quilt!

The sashing is a beautiful navy with gold fleck and sparkles and the backing is a tiny indigo floral on a light blue background.  To join the two pieces for the backing, I made a strip of extra fabrics from the front.

I tried to create my quilt sandwich and discovered that I was stuck.  The quilt was too big, I was too small and I didn’t know what I was doing.  After three days, several trips to home depot , help from my very reluctant husband, and watching countless tutorials online, the quilt was basted (to the relief of my family who really wanted the living room and dining room back)! Too big to fit under my machine, I hand stitched swirls into the middle of each block and wonky diamonds at each corner where the sashing meets.  And today I finished stitching down the binding!


About half-way through the process, I knew that this quilt would be for my grandpa.  He is 94, lives at an amazing senior development outside of Philadelphia and is getting kind of lonely.  Both my grandmother and aunt passed away last year from cancer and Grandpa is kind of on his own. He keeps busy hosting television shows on his development’s tv station, writing his autobiography (he’s a WWII vet and former school principal) and reading trashy novels.  When it came time to sew the binding, I decided to finish up the quilt with thread from my grandmother’s sewing box.  I found beige polyester from Woolworths, probably purchased before I was born.  It just seemed right.  Rather than wait till I see him (I don’t think I’ll be back north till September), this one is getting mailed out tomorrow.  And soon thereafter, I will again get to hear, “I love it because you made it, dear.”

Miss you Grandpa!!






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