My First Finished Quilt


This is my very first completed quilt.  A number of years back, Moda had an online quilt design contest.  I designed a patchwork quilt, all in shades of blue, and somehow, I won (Thank goodness you didn’t have to actually make the quilt!).  Moda sent a big package in the mail, filled with fabric and batting, which I didn’t fully appreciate at the time.



Here’s what I have left (several years later) from that Moda package.  Thanks again, Moda!!!!

The fabrics in that picnic quilt were from a layer cake of Happy Campers by American Jane.  I stitched it all together, added batting and backed it with muslin.  Then I traced designs onto the muslin and hand quilted them.




Next came the real backing- some waterproof material that I bought at  quiltpicnic5


And then the binding- how do you bind a quilt?  I had no idea, so I went to Walmart and bought pre-cut satin binding.  And I used a thick thread and stitched it on by hand.  Check out those corners!


Not kidding when I say I can’t sew a straight line! I was so proud, though.  After I learned to sew a binding, I was embarrassed to show this anymore, but now I think it’s really cute and looks like it was designed to be all wonky!

And there you have it, my first quilt! It took about 4 years to complete my next one after that, but I learned so much in the meantime…





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